Our company

Our company was founded in 2002 in San Quirino, in the Pordenone province. Since the beginning we have always looked towards the future, anticipating changes in the furnishing sector in order to provide our customers with specific and tailormade solutions.

Miko s.r.l. creates home interiors in San Quirino (Pordenone – Friuli Venezia Giulia). Furnishings for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars. Contract installations. Design and construction of turnkey furniture. Miko s.r.l. offers interior design services, home interior projects, and crafting of plexiglass panels to private individuals and businesses.

The key to our success is a good combination of craftwork and technological innovation. We work together in search of the best possible result in every stage of production, from design to technical elements. We focus on every detail in order for it to be perfect: nothing is left to chance.

The diversity that characterizes our team members along with their contribution to ideas, their knowledge and their work ethic are our company’s qualities. This is the reason why many clients put their trust in us, by appointing our company to work on high-level projects.

We collaborate with several architects to study and design solutions that suit to every need, and we follow every stage of the furnishing process in the hospitality industry and in the private and residential sectors, Contract arrangements, interior design and furnishing, construction of plexiglass panels.

We believe that realizing projects and making our customers satisfied can be achieved through willingness, flexibility and, most of all, through true passion for our job. That’s where beautiful things come from.